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My name is Tristan, but you can call me Tris.

I saw my mother give herself to her job, her husband, to her children and loose herself in the process. I saw her loose her light. I want to remind women of their beauty, and how incredible they are through a celebrity for the day experience.

It is truly amazing what 1 hour of pampering, followed by 3 hours of being in front of my camera can do for your self esteem and self value. What is even more incredible is how life changing a reveal session is. It will allow your inner light to shine through. It will change the way you see yourself.

I would love for you to be reminded of your inner light through this life changing, celebrity for a day, experience.

I am a portrait artist working in Essex Connecticut and I want to invite you to have a photoshoot with me. It will become part of your beautiful legacy.

Tristan Anderson
COO & Lead Photographer