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I want to remind women of their beauty, and how incredible they are through a celebrity for the day experience.
— Tris Anderson

Tris Anderson

Professional Photographer

I saw my mother give herself to her job, her husband, to her children and loose herself in the process. I saw her loose her light. I want to remind women of their beauty, and how incredible they are through a celebrity for the day experience.

It is truly amazing what 1 hour of pampering, followed by 3 hours of being in front of my camera can do for your self esteem and self value. What is even more incredible is how life changing a reveal session is. It will allow your inner light to shine through. It will change the way you see yourself.

I would love for you to be reminded of your inner light through this life changing, celebrity for a day, experience.

I am a portrait artist working in Essex Connecticut and I want to invite you to have a photoshoot with me. It will become part of your beautiful legacy.


Five Fun Facts


As a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed being picked up on a friday afternoon from school to spend the weekend 'DDI' (Down D' Islands). It was a huge part of my childhood and from this day on every time I am on a boat, it takes me right back to growing up in Trinidad.


I have fresh flowers in my home at any given time. Every sunday, my mother would go into our garden and pick the most beautiful flowers she could find. She would cut and assort them into a variety of vases and place them in every room of the house. This is something that I remember vividly as a child and it is such a lovely tradition that I still upkeep to this day.


I am a romantic at heart and I love planning cute ways to spend time with my partner.


On my days off, I love nothing better than planning a cocktail party for 6 of my best friends!


I try my very best to eat healthy but my favorite cheat snack has to be macaroons! Keep them AWAY from me.


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Awards & Accreditation

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This accreditation program, explicitly for portrait photographers of all genres, is a recognition of ‘high professional standard’, not something that awards merit only. Portrait Masters accredited photographers can ensure clients they are working with the true professionals of the industry.