Hoben Family Summer | 2019

Greetings Hoben Family,

Below are all the retouched files that Uncle Kevin went through to select your christmas gift this year. I have indicated the images he has purchased for you in red. If you would like a duplicate print of them I can get that sent to you upon request. Additional purchases can be made by the order form below.

All the images below have been retouched. If you would like any other changes feel free to request that at the point of ording.

Prints start at $290. and go up from there. A detailed price list, with sizing and framing options, has been linked at the bottom of this page.

From the point of purchase to receiving your images, the process can take up to 2 weeks. I will keep you posted throughout the process.

See a photo you would like to purchase? Here is the easiest way to order:
1. Browse gallery with a pen and notepad to write down the GROUP NUMBER and IMAGE NUMBER.
2. Use the ORDER FORM below the galleries to indicate the images you would like to order.
3. Be sure to indicate:
Do you need them framed?
What size would you like for each image?

Best regards,


 Hoben Family Summer | GROUP ONE

 Hoben Family Summer | GROUP TWO

 Hoben Family Summer | GROUP THREE

 Hoben Family Summer | GROUP FOUR


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